Web Development

What really excites me is being able to design fully functional website.

Competitive Programming

I consider Competitive Programming as a sport requiring logics and algorithm to learn and play, and I love the both. For last couple of months I have been constantly enjoying Competitive programming. I generally practice on codechef as ailesv

Tech Blogging

There are times when I get stuck at problems and when I try to google for possible solutions, it happens sometimes that I couldn't find what I'm truly looking for, and manytimes I found the language too hard to comprehend.
So, I decided to write blogs, explaining things in the way I understood.



I host "It's worth Mentioning" Podcast. Podcasting provides me a way to share my thoughts, and help me to seperate my voice out of the noise around the world. I started podcasting because one of my friend asked me to do it and continued because I fell in love with podcasting.



If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. I love reading books because it


Mediation & Workout

I'm a true believer of an old adage "Health is Wealth". You can deliver your 100% only when you feel 100% and meditation and workout are the solution to that.

It won't be a bigger problem to find one video game lover in your neighbor. Since the introduction of Virtual Game, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned. The history of video game is as interesting as a fairy tale.


Skills & Expertness

C/C++ 90%
Python 80%
PHP 75%
Wordpress & Plugin 75%
Ubuntu 70%
GitHub 85%
Podcast 85%

Mayank Joshi

Computer Programmer

+91 807 716 5252


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July 2018 to Present

Core Web Developer

All users on MySpace will know that there are millions of
people out there. Every day besides.



DEC 2016 to APRIL 2017

Core Web Developer

Developed WordPress plugin for lead generation. The user can buy leads using educash, which can be purchased by direct payment using PayUMoney as a payment gateway with Option to recieve invoice on purchase and expenditure of educash user will get a invoice through mail and a text message and can have detailed history of all the transactions in timeline format. Also the user can make leads to appear on dashboard on the basic of his/her priority(Ex: city, country, state, etc.)

Bachelor in Computer Science

Bachelor in Computer Science and engineering
from Birla Insitiute of Applied Science, Bhimtal.


Session: Aug. 2014 to May 2018

Result: 72.2% (In the Scale of 100%)


Intermediate from CBSE

Class 12th from St. Lawrence Sr. Sec. School Haldwani
with Physics, Chemistry & Maths stream.


Session: April 2013 to Mar, 2014

Result: 85% (In the Scale of 100%)


Highschool from CBSE

Class 10th from St. Lawrence Sr. Sec. School, Haldwani
affilated to CBSE


Session: April 2011 to Mar. 2012

Result: 82.8 (In the Scale of 10.00 cpga)